Greg Angelson

 CSA, Certified Senior Advisor 

     Medicare Supplements/IRA and 401k Rollover Accounts/ 

     Health Insurance/Life Insurance/Funeral Planning Trusts

                        and Long Term Care Insurance...  

                           Maple Grove, Minnesota            

                   Phone: 612-232-4799 




  As your Professional Advisor I Offer:

 Over 25 Years of Industry Experience...

 Counseled over 1000 Clients... 

 A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau of MN 

 * Member of the SCSA Advisors Association... 

 * Member of NAPA for Professional Agents...  

 * Represent over 30 Different Companies...    


Products and Services Offered:

Start-Up IRA's/401k Rollover Accounts and Bank CD Alternatives:

* Variable Interest Rates as High as 8%...

Guaranteed Interest Rates as High as 2.5%...

$5,000 Minimum Investment...   

These are Safe Money Retirement Investments...

* Easy Access to your Money...

* NO Management FEES or Risk to your Principle...


Medicare Supplemental Insurance

(Medicare Supplement) (Medicare Advantage) (Medicare Cost)

I offer Several Companies and Dozens of Health Plan Options...

Allow me to Show you the Major Differences Between Plans...


Burial or Cremation Funeral Trust:   

* Average Funeral Cost is Between $5000 and $15,000 Dollars.

* Pre-Planning and Pre-Paying for your Funeral is a good Idea.

* A Funeral Trust is Portable to Any Funeral Home in the country,

* and is Protected from All Nursing Homes and Creditors.

* You Can Change your Funeral Arrangements Anytime.  

* No medical Exam is Required and Everyone is Eligible.


Retirement Planning with Long Term Care Insurance:

* Protect your Home and Retirement Savings from being 

* Confiscated by the High Cost of Nursing Home Care, Home     * HealthCare Services and Assisted Living Facilities.

* There is a 70% Chance you will need some form of Long Term

* Care Assistance that is not covered by Medicare Plans.  

* Long Term Care Insurance Covers that 70% Chance.


Basic Information About:

Living Wills, Financial Wills and Power of Attorney (POA)Documents.  Ask me about the Legacy SafeGuard Program !

Please Call with ANY QUESTIONS or CONCERNS....MY Services

are Free and No Cost or Obligation to you...